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3lpe External / 3Layer Polyethylene Coating

Production Discription :-

Ashwamedh Engineers is one of leading manufacturer for high quality 3LPE Coating Pipes in Maharashtra, India. The 3LPE System achieves superior long term corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical protection for large and small diameter pipelines operating at high temperature. The 3LPE system can be applied in a great range of thicknesses to meet project requirements and specifications. It is highly abrasion resistant and is generally used where the chances of damage are high such as Rocky Mountains or for drilling operations.

The three coating layers in 3-LPE coated pipe are as follows:-

Layer 1: This is the corrosion protective layer. This layer is of fusion bonded epoxy which offers very good corrosion protection. The fusion bonded epoxy has a very good bonding with the blasted steel surface.

Layer 2: This layer is the copolymer adhesive. The copolymer adhesive is a maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene compound. This material has good chemical bonding to the fusion epoxy and the top layer polyethylene

Layer 3: This layer is for physical protection and consists of polyethylene. Since the copolymer adhesive and polyethylene are similar, they bond well with each other.

As one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of 3LPE Coated Pipe in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, We have a strong and strict quality control system to meet full satisfaction and requirement of the customers. Our manufacturing flexibility enables us to meet even the most stringent customer requirement, especially those of steel grade, lot size and deliveries.


Corrosion Resistance :

3LPE Coating prevents steel pipe from corrosion.

Excellent chemical resistance properties and resistance to cathodic disbondment.

3LPE Coating has got good resistance to moisture permeability.

Mechanical Protection :

Top coat of polyethylene prevents abrasion and damage to fusion bonded epoxy during handling.

Polyethylene topcoat permits use of local material without relying on specific backfilling material.

High Bond Strength :

The external and internal 3LPE coating and lining is bonded firmly to the mild steel pipe surface and the mean adhesion strength is 125kg/cm2 (ASTM D 4541).

Long Working Life :

Pipe has constant performance characteristice through out the life span. Service life of more than 75 years.


3 Layer polyethylene coating is the perferred method of corrosion protective coating applied on steel pipes used in oil & gas applications. Engineers and end users the world over specify 3LPE coating for its versatility & flexibility for its use in varied environment from hot & sandy desert soil of the Gulf to harsh frosty sea beds in the Artic region. This has been proved by the numerous years in services of 3PLE Coating. This coating has also found its use in projects for portable water & raw water. Engineers have realized that to protect the pipeline from corrosion, a through & proven coating system is required.

3LPE coated steel pipes are used in the following applications where the pipes are either buried or submerged

Drinking water pipelines.

Oil and gas pipelines

In plant process water applications

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